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Dinosaur National Monument - Utah

Our journey started in Rifle, Colorado to visit the falls and try out the Lee filters.  I brought all my gear...and had to use two backpacks.  I packed the Fuji in the big Lowepro bag I used in Egypt.  Boy that trip was almost 10 years ago!  I used a smaller bag for the Olympus and set it up as my 'night bag' for star photography.

Camera: FujiFilm XT3

We stayed in Vernal, Utah in a Marriott extended stay.  We wanted to have a kitchenette to prepare our breakfasts and make lunches for the cooler.  Worked out well.  Many of the restaurants were open for take out and we got Mexican food to go.  We went to the local Smith's grocery store to pick up supplies.  Absolutely no-one in the store with the exception of the workers and ourselves were wearing masks.  In Colorado everyone wears masks, it is kind of mandatory.

The plan was to hit Stienaker State Park for some star photography. It is on the Dark Skies register and is situated in such a way that the lights from Vernal are…
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New Truck - Walden, Colorado

This was the first outing with the new Toyota Tacoma!  The intention of the first trip  out (after the endless staying at home) was to hit Medicine Bow and shoot the amazing alpine lakes.  This is a cool spot, not a lot of people go up to southern Wyoming.  Well, the road was closed when we got up there - blasted!  No worries, we can go to Steamboat Springs.  After all, we haven't been there yet so why not.  We got side tracked and took the Cache La Poudre canyon scenic route and did not go to Steamboat - next time.  Wow!  We found an awesome view of the mountains just outside of Walden, CO.  Pulled off on a dirt road and just went where it led us.  Such a beautiful place.  I have to say it is not hard getting good landscape photos in Colorado.

We had quite a bit of broken sunlight so we had to be quick with the ND Grads.  The weather was coming in rapidly too, that's just how it is in the mountains.

Scenic Route

Camera: Fuji XT3

RiNo - Denver

The Stay at Home has been lifted for COVID19, but you should not go out or travel more than 10 miles from your home.  Ok, we went a little bit more that 10 miles from the homestead today.  Last weekend to Pawnee Buttes doesn't count...we didn't know about the 10 mile thing until today.

Trying out a new lens (9-18 mm) for the Olympus...yes, I know.  It worked great in the alleys of the RiNo district in downtown Denver.  The 9 mm is awesome and the shots are pretty clear considering it is not pro glass. The lens is small and light.  The Olympus kit is now complete!

It was a really nice day, sunny and no storms in the forecast, which means bright skies.  Some of the eateries were open allowing you to order and take out.  We stopped a little place and got some lunch, I had a fantastic kale salad with roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds with curry dressing. Yummy! Erich had a pastrami sandwich on rye.  It was a fun day getting out of the house and ex…

Pawnee National Grasslands

Governor Polis lifted the stay at home restriction in Colorado and now we are on the safer at home policy, which means try to stay at home.  Some restaurants and places of business are opening back up around the state.  Erich and I wanted to head out to Pawnee Buttes just outside of Fort Morgan on Friday night to shoot some stars, but the weather did not cooperate.  I just can't shoot any more flowers in the house!  Storms were coming in so we decided to go out on Saturday and make a day of it.  Even if it a bust for photography, it is a nice drive anyway.  It is about a two and half hour drive through the plains on county roads. Got some pretty good photos!

We came in from the top this time and saw a lot of people camping with tents and trailers.  I was kind of surprised to see so many people here, it is usually a place where not too many people go.  Pawnee Buttes is in the Pawnee Grasslands and is part of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Most places in the BLM are not over…

Shooting Stuff Around the House

The new Olympus 60MM F2.8 arrived!  Set up in the dining room with some backdrops and the studio lights and gathered up a few things from around the house to try out this little tiny lens. It is pretty small and actually looks ridiculous on the camera.  It is going to take some practice for sure.  Focusing in the right spot is a challenge and the depth of field is very shallow.  Well, that's what it is for.  I tried doing some handheld shots, but you really need to use a tripod for this little lens.  I used manual focusing with focus peaking.  The peaking highlights the edges in red, sometimes I couldn't see the red.  Actually, when using manual focus I really miss the split screen on film cameras.

Camera: Olympus OMD EM1 III; 60MM F2.8 Macro