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Exploring the Home State - Wild Basin

Wild Basin is in the southeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park, about 20 miles from Estes Park. We took CO HWY 7 from our homestead, traveled through Boulder and up through the canyon to the Wild Basin Trailhead. Not so many tourists here, and that was good. The trail parallels the river and was cool and shaded. A fairly moderate and flat trail to Calypso Falls, but it was pretty much uphill stairs on uneven rocky ground to the Ouzel Falls. Not as rocky as Zion and we weren’t hiking in the river this time. The scenery was lush and green, wild flowers were in bloom and the dark thundering clouds rolled in as we reached the Ouzel Falls and witnessed some pretty dramatic lightening. Light rain at first then the drops got bigger. Some of the streams we crossed on the way up had considerably more water on the way back. We were fortunate that the heavy, heavy downpour didn’t occur until we were on the road to Estes Park. Made for a rather treacherous trip down the mount…

Zion and Goblin Valley - July 4th

Four day weekend! Took a trip over to Utah for the 4th. Used a web site to plan the trip
This is a simple site to use, just put in your starting point and add restaurants, State/National Parks and whatever else that appeals to you. I have to say, I got a little carried away…I had way too many “sites” to visit in four days on the first round. They even have European maps, the attractions are not as detailed as on the U.S. maps but it could be a good starting point. I will have to investigate further.

We drove all day Thursday to Saint George, Utah. The ultimate destination was Zion, which we achieved the next day, with the Narrows hike being the main excursion. Six miles up the Virgin River (and 6 miles back) in the bottom of the canyon - Kick Booty! And it did, kick my booty. Got lots of good shots, got wet, fell in the river once and almost floated down stream - fortunately the camera made it out alive.

On the way home, we pretty much decided we …