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South Dakota is Awesome!

While Colorado was flooding we took a spontaneous trip to South Dakota. It is a relatively short trip, about 6 hours to SD from Denver. First stop was Mount Rushmore - fogged in, no pictures of the monuments. Bummer. We stayed in Rapid City and ventured to the town of Deadwood for a bit of gambling…did pretty good on the slots, $175 :)

RoadTrippers route was planned but we didn’t stick to it. With all the flooding in Colorado we figured it best to go home the same way we went, HWY 85. We planned on visiting the ghost town of Scenic but didn’t make it. Instead we stopped at Wall, SD, the home of Wall Drug.
After touring the Wall Drug we headed out to the Badlands - Awesome!

We spent most of the day diving around the park, checked out the Visitor Center and stayed for the sunset. Got some great shots and even played around with the Hero3 a bit.

South Dakota Gallery

GoPro Hero 3 - Yeah, I got one!

Well, we did it, we got the GoPro Hero 3. Pretty nice little video camera. Took it to Denver’s 16th Street Mall for a practice run using the iPhone app. I have to say the app makes all the difference in configuring the camera. The Hero 3 has two navigation buttons on the body, but it does take some time to get the hang of it, and if I am not wearing my glasses I can’t see the miniature display. The camera does not have a view finder and composing a shot is really more of a ‘shooting from the hip’ approach. The lens is really wide so you can do some creative cropping if necessary in post processing. The iPhone app has a preview so you can see what you are shooting - it uses WiFi and there is a bit of a time delay from when you position the camera to when you see the image on the iPhone.

I purchased the battery pack extension and it lasted a good 2.5 hours with the camera on the whole time. I was not using the ProTune mode, I wanted to see how good the smaller resolution is since t…