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Great Sand Dunes - 149,137 acres

The National Park is on CO 150 about 15 miles west of Alamosa off of CO 160. The dunes sprawl across part of southern Colorado's San Luis Valley, a broad, arid plain between the San Juan Mountains on the west and the Sangre de Cristos on the east. The visitor center displayed two photographs 138 years apart showing the crests of the large dunes. Remarkably, the photographs show that the crests remain similar in shape, due to the opposing winds keeping the dunes in relatively the same location.

Snow melt run off from the 13,000 ft. mountains contribute to the streams that flow into the main stream bordering the dune field. We waded across the stream and ventured towards the massive dunes.  Many people were out enjoying the day, sand boarding down the steep faces, hiking to the top, and playing frisbee with their dogs. We hiked up the hardest way possible which seemed to be a good route at the time. We realized when we headed back down that there could have been a more direct rou…

Green Cross - Denver

Ok, Pot is legal in Colorado - so weird! We were shooting downtown Denver on a cloudy spring day and came across the LoDo Wellness Center. Pretty strange encounter as we walked in and were encouraged to take many photos by the Wellness Staff. There were a few sitting areas where you can chill, of couse there is no smoking allowed inside, or outside, or in your backyard - but we didn’t think to ask if you could partake in the edibles and chill? We could see the “Grow Room” straight ahead next to the “Zen” sitting area. To the left was the private room for medicinal purchases and on the right the Retail Room. This room contained all sorts of smoking apparatus and the edibles. Candies and cookies, rolling papers and glass pipes filled the shelves. We meandered over to the cash register and there it was, filled in glass containers, the bud! Just out there in the open on display. We were encouraged to take photos, so we did. We inquired about how to purchase legally , $20 a gram and…