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Going to Morocco - It's Official

Trip to Morocco has been booked! We got the last two seats for the end of August, good thing we decided to call and book today.   WooHoo!  20 days to see the varied countryside, the architecture, Islamic art, the food and the people.  We will be camping in the Sahara - how cool is that?

Again we are traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel.  They make it so easy; all the sites and transportation is planned and they make it a point to get right there into the culture.  That makes the whole trip worthwhile, a chance to meet the people and experience villages off the beaten path.

Overseas Adventure Travel

World Map

The World Map is up! It is a 111 inch x 76 inch National Geographic Political World map that came in three panels. We struggled with how to mount it on the wall. We thought about mounting it to rolled cork board and hanging the cork board on the wall and then framing it. The rolled cork board would have cost a fortune and still did not resolve the major dilemma of matching the three panels together. There is a one and half inch overlap on the panels, but we knew deep down we would absolutely have problems matching everything up.

After many weeks of contemplation we called a wallpaper guy. He had the map installed in less than an hour - believe me, this is the way to go! Erich and I purchased some molding with a coffee stain to match the floor and built a frame. Since we already have a compound miter saw, from when we put up crown molding in the Suisun house, the frame went up pretty easy. Ok, so we will be putting the “where we have been” pins directly into the wall. Oh, wel…

Snowmobiling - Winter Park

We stayed in Denver for the holidays this year; put up the exterior lights on the house, made baklava, smoked a turkey and spent a day in Winter Park snowmobiling!!

Grand Adventures ( offers guided and unguided tours in Frasier Valley, Grand Lake and Winter Park. They provide helmets, boots and a full suit for a small fee, you provide the credit card for the deposit and your own goggles.