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Showing posts from February, 2015

The Flatirons - Boulder

Winter hiking can be rather strenuous, slipping and sliding in the snow all bundled up in winter gear plus, breathing can be labored. It wasn’t too cold today, around 23 degrees, although not as cold as the snowmobiling trip to Winter Park in December. The sun was intermittent while we hiked up hill on the path and downhill on a path that wasn’t really a path. The snow was knee deep on the steep makeshift path making the trek even more challenging. It would have been easier and more fun with a sled that's for sure. No sledding allowed, at least not on the non-path. It is really beautiful  and a great day to get out and enjoy Colorado.

Manitou Springs - Colorado

Another great day in southern Colorado! 70 degrees in February and sunny. A short road trip to Manitou Springs, Cripple Creek and Victor - west of Colorado Springs, to take advantage of the beautiful weather. First stop Manitou Springs, unfortunately, the cliff dwellings were closed for the winter along with many attractions in Colorado. Heading into the historic district an Israeli restaurant stood out with photos of fabulous Mediterranean entries in the window. A bit farther and there was a sign for Turkish Coffee. The Turkish coffee we had in Egypt was a pure delight and we just had to get some.  The store was filled with dinnerware painted in lively patterns and mosaic lamps in colorful glass . While the shop owner made the coffee we visited about Turkey and the struggles he had with the Colorado floods. His shop had become part of the creek. They survived and we able to rebuild, there was absolutely no sign of any water damage.  As we sipped our coffee he offered to show u…