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Twin Arrows - Interstate 40, AZ

Cafe, Trading Post and the arrows are way in the back

Twin Arrows used to be a Trading Post/Truck Stop in Arizona on Interstate 40, between Flagstaff and Winslow.  Back in the day, in the late 80's, we sold diesel for $.99 a gallon.  Business was booming!  Trucks used to line up.  Pull up to the pump, hit the cafe for breakfast and maybe you would have your tanks full by them time you finished eating...just maybe.

We were a 'full service' outfit,  check your oil and clean the windshield of your big rig.  If you left the keys I'd pull the rig up and fill up the refer tank too. While killing time waiting for the fill-up or check authorizaion you could browse the fantastic Native American art in the Trading Post.

I have fond memories of working at Twin Arrows, it was a special place.  It was my first job.  I was the fuel attendant and would sometimes cook in the cafe.  I always made a mess with the milkshake machine, never failed, I got milk and ice cream all over the place.  My short stack was bigger than the plate, the batter would get away from me on the grill. My pancakes were gigantic!

The Trading Post was pretty cool - the first one I ever went to.  I remember the hardwood floor, it was not exactly flat it had lumps.  We had all kinds of Native American goodies that you would expect to find in Arizona. We also had all that crappy tourist stuff too.  I had to dust the gondolas, mop the bumpy floor and clean the silver jewelry during the down time.

Made a great friend there too - my very best friend.  She was the manager of the cafe and taught me a lot.  She lived in the apartment in the back, such the deal.  After a time were became roommates in town.  I can remember going into Flagstaff to shop for the cafe.  We loaded up her backseat with hamburger buns and eggs.  I mean full of buns where you couldn't see out the back window.  One time, we apparently lost some parsley in the trunk and didn't notice until several days later when we noticed a foul smell - HAA, the good old days!

inside the cafe dining room

The Cafe

I made it back to Twin Arrows this year on a family trip.  I knew it had been abandoned but didn't really know it was this bad.  Fortunately, I LOVE to photograph abandoned stuff.  I felt sad that it had been vandalized, but I remember all the good times.  I have such great memories and got some kick ass photos!

Now there is a brand spanking new Twin Arrows Casino!  But, t is not the same Twin Arrows, the arrows are upside down.

New  Casino
Arrows are pointing the wrong way


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