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Wildlife Sitings - Costa Rica

Exploration Day!  We took an amazing river safari on the Rio Frio in Los Chiles.  We started spotting wildlife as soon as we launched from the pier.  I was so hoping for more accessible wildlife to shoot, we have been taking nature walks and they were great but it tough to shoot in low light.  The jungles are dark and spotting wildlife without a nature guide is almost impossible, well, for me any way.  Back home I can spot antelope in Wyoming likes it nobody's business, but sloths in trees, not so much.  I don't know how Liza, our guide, could even distinguish that the dark ball of fur, that looked like a clump of moss high in the tree, was a sloth.  After some practice and knowing what to look for you can start to see birds and lizards, but I never spotted a sloth up in the trees on my own.

Camera: Fuji XT3

I did see actually see a sloth  that did not look like a giant ball of moss at Manuel Antonio park.

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Art in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its Eco Lodges, volcanos, zip lining and wildlife.  We also saw a lot of art on this trip.  We started our trip in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, visiting the Central Park and the National Theater.  There was art every where!

A pedestrian street flanked by government buildings lead us to the the Central Park of San Jose.  As we reached the park, Erich and I spotted the same sculpture at the same time...what is that over there?  We waited impatiently for the tour guide to let us free and we made a beeline to the three men coming up out of the ground.

Over by the National Theater were more sculptures.  They were really cool, made by the artist Jimenez Deredia.   His sculptures were sprinkled throughout the city center of San Jose.

Further down the shopping district was this colorful building...

On our last night in Santa Ana, a suburb of San Jose, we had a fantastic meal and then visited the boutique hotel next door to the restauran…

Pura Vida!

"Pura Vida" is the official saying of Costa Rica and basically means "It's all good". We spent two weeks touring the country from the city of San Jose traveling to rain forests, dry forests, cloud forests, transitional forests, with hiking, zip lining, rafting, wildlife viewing and collecting bug bites!

This was  a different trip for us in that it was more about the nature and wildlife than the archeological sites or UNESCO sites we are typically drawn to. We wanted to do a short trip overseas this year and 10 days in Costa Rica was perfect!

I was eaten alive by bugs, I would say mosquitos but I am not entirely sure the bites I received were solely from mosquitos.  I think there were chigger bites mixed in with mosquitos and maybe some other flying biters.  I think I got the bulk of them in Sarapiqui when we took that evening hike to the burial grounds.  Yeah, I used bug spray, but I guess I am just too tasty.

I took the Fuji XT3 with the 18-135 mm and the bra…

Memorial Day - Montana

Lately we have been watching Mysteries of the Abandoned on the Science Channel and it is giving us many travel ideas. Many of the places are located outside of our six hour radius from Denver. On one episode the camera panned back from and old building in a mountainous landscape and I thought to myself, that is definitely in the US and probably not too far from Colorado. Well, I was right it was a ghost town in Montana. I love ghost towns and love shooting them too. There is that feeling of mystery you get when visiting the abandon as you wander around and try to imagine why things become abandon in the first place. On our photo trips we tend to seek out and shoot a lot of urban decay, ghost towns and cemeteries and the more dilapidated the better.

Camera: Fuji XT3

Bannack, Montana was established in 1863, as a gold rush town that is now a state park - the goal and highlight of our Memorial Day Weekend.

We decided we needed at least four days on this trip. Naturally, we can’t ju…