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Hogwarts Lego Castle

We have discovered the world of Lego and are hooked!  Like I needed another addiction.  The Safari Jeep and the X-wing fighter started our journey and I have completed a city block since then. It has a pet store, coffee shop and a second story apartment with solar panels.  Erich and I decided to go all in and assemble the Hogwarts Castle.  6,000 pieces and 30 hours of construction over the course of three weekends.  Wow!  It was so much fun!  Great teamwork too. I foresee a Lego team building exercise for my team at work....when we go back to the office that is. Hogwarts has the Chamber of Secrets, the Room of Retirement, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Great Hall, Dumbledore's office, the Mirror of Erised, the Wizard Chess Board, and the room where the keys are flying around.  So much detail.  And yes, we watched all the movies again too! We were immersed in Harry Potter for three weekends. The Pirate Ship is in my future, but that is after I build the dinosaur fossi…
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On Safari at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo has been struggling since the pandemic and stay at home orders. Just bringing in enough money to care for the animals has been a strain.  In order to reopen the zoo needed to put some social distancing measures in place and I must say they did a fantastic job.  Reservations are required with timed entry and enforcement of 50% capacity.  Foot traffic was one way and the routes were clearly marked making it easy to navigate.  The indoor exhibits remain closed.  We chose to take a Friday off for our safari, with a 9:00 am reservation.  We wanted to make sure we gained entry early to view the animals before the temperatures began to soar.  We have been experiencing a heat wave in Colorado, temperatures in the upper 90s.  It has been baking hot!Camera: FujiFilm XT3 - 100-400 mm 

Israeli Cooking

Cooking day! It is always fun to do some international cooking all day.  Since going to Israel this year is out of the question we decided to do a little travel by way of our stomachs. A trip to the Middle Eastern Market in the Lowery neighborhood of Denver yielded some authentic ingredients.  Just walking into the store brought back many memories of living in Saudi Arabia when I was a kid. The market was packed with dates, honey, giant jars of olives, nuts,  juices,  and I even spotted the Bounty and Galaxy candy bars.  The butcher ground some fresh lamb for us, we found some dried chick peas, fava beans, pomegranate molasses and a ton of spices. 

Menu: Lamb KoftaFafalelLebneh with olive oil and fresh oreganoFried cauliflower and green onions with tahiniPita bread

Barr Lake - Brighton, Colorado

100-400mm super telephoto for the Fuji XT3!!  Woohoo!  Took it out to Barr Lake in Brighton to catch some Pelicans.  Not too bad for the first day out.  This is my real first time shooting with such a long lens and shooting birds.  The birds in the Galapagos were easy, they were unafraid and came right up to you. Bird photography is very challenging for sure.  
Camera: Fuji XT3, 100-400mm F4.5-5.6

My First Lego Set

COVID19 is alive and well in the US, again.  It is the Fourth of July weekend and there is no way we are heading out to any fantastic location. With the resurgence of the pandemic, Erich and I are staying in.  That doesn't mean we can't shoot!  We picked up some LEGO sets with the intention of shooting macro.  It was really fun assembling too!  Safari for me and Star Wars for Erich.  I also found the National Geographic Photographer Barbie!  Where was she when I was growing up?  
Fun shoot! Kind of looks like some people we know...
Camera: Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark III - 60mm Macro

I picked up some micro African animals too...we were on Safari!