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Paint Mines by Moonlight

Full moon this weekend and we drove two hours to Calhan, Colorado to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.  We were hoping that the moon would illuminate the rock formations. We were so right!

Sunset was around 7:30 PM and the moon rise started at around 8:00 PM.  We snapped a few golden hour and blue hour shots, nothing to write home about but when the moon rose the rocks glowed just as we anticipated.  We set up the tripods and started doing some long exposures.  I started out with the 16 mm 1.4 with an ISO range between 160 and 250 and played around with Bulb mode, varying the seconds.  My old Nikon D500 had shutter settings up to 30 seconds, the Fuji XT3 does not. I have the remote app on my phone for Fuji and it worked very well once I got the connection set up.  The XT3 has a seconds counter which was great when using Bulb mode and I could end the shot when I wanted.  Erich's Nikon Z6 didn't and he had to count off the seconds.  I found as it got darker 30 - 40 seconds wor…
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Kansas and Oklahoma Road Trip

Labor Day weekend is a chance to travel farther than a six hour radius from home and see more of this great country.  We try to go to places where half of America is not visiting the same sites.  Therefore, Kansas and Oklahoma! The goal of this trip was to shoot Natural Falls in Siloam Springs, Oklahoma.  Never made it.  We spent a lot of time on Kansas. All the road tips to Indiana to see family, there is absolutely nothing to shoot in Kansas, well not off I-70 anyway.  It wasn't until we headed south to Wichita that we found some cool stuff.

First stop was Monument Rocks in Gove County. Kansas.  Rock formation in the middle of farm land. Erich flew the drone around and we snapped a few photos - great start to the trip!!

Camera: Fuji XT3

Wichita is really a nice city with a new-ish city center.  The Keeper of the Plains greets visitors on sacred Indian ground between the Little Arkansa and the Arkansa Rivers.  At night flames are lit surrounding the statue...we didn't make i…

Climbing a Mountain - Guanella Pass

Getting high in Colorado! Off-roading on Argentine Pass, just out side of Georgetown on Guanella Pass road.  It is a little rocky to start and then smoothed out, well as smooth as an off road trail can be.  Some of the trails were impassable due to snow but that didn't stop us from going as far as we could.  There was quite a few people on the trail, in which most of it was one way.  We had to back up a few times to let others pass.   We spent around five hours out there exploring the offshoot trails and ended up climbing 11,500 feet of the best view EVER!!

Camera: Fuji XT3

RiNo Arts District - Denver

RiNo is a neighborhood in Denver and stands for River North. There is street art everywhere! We were watching the news and RiNo was mentioned so we packed up the gear and headed down to Walnut street in Denver.  They street art is concentrated in a few alleyways between Walnut and Brighton Road from 33 Ave - 27 Ave, that general vicinity anyway.  There was so much to see and amazing artists. The art is not limited to the alleys, it is on the sides of warehouses, buildings, breweries and even the electrical boxes.  Great day!!

What is CRUSH? CRUSH is an annual celebration of art, transforming the streets and alleys of RiNo into permanent, open-air galleries. CRUSH celebrates art, urban beautification, creativity, and culture by enriching our community through an arts festival like no other. We believe that public art leads to an improved community as a catalyst for safety, cleanliness, creativity, and conversation. Centered around empowering artists, CRUSH is committed to reflecting a…

Rambler Ranch - Elizabeth Colorado

Mike's Camera had a workshop at the Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth last year and we missed it. Why? Because we were in Greece!  Bummer, it looked like a great place to get our photo geek on.  Mike's scheduled one for this year and we bought tickets.  We just got back from Costa Rica two days before the workshop.  What a fun shoot!

The ranch is owned by a guy who collects Rambler cars and a whole bunch of other stuff, like old stoves and refrigerators.  There were warehouses filled with cars from all eras.  The best shoot was in the boneyard. We were divided in small groups and spent time in each area. Good luck getting the photographers out of the boneyard and on to the next spot - Haaa.  In one of the buildings, Mike's set up studio lights and had two models dressed in period clothes - my first real model shoot.

I did some creative stuff with the boneyard and wanted to get that vintage feel for the periods...I got a little carried away and tried out some infrared filters.  S…