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Downtown Denver - Focus on Churches

My camera has been been at the spa getting a sensor cleaning. Just got her back after her two week vacation and it was off to downtown Denver to shoot some churches. My plan for this shoot was to exclusively use the 16mm F1.4.  I was successful up until we got to the Holy Ghost church.  I had to switch to the 10-24 mm to get the whole exterior and the buildings in the background.  We had a walking tour on our phones that pointed out the places of worship but we quickly got sidetracked as we often do. We didn't plan too well either, it was a Saturday and the churches were closed except for the Holy Ghost. So, only one shoot indoors.  Most of the churches were around University of Denver, this is not an area we have explored.  Fun day and not too cold.  We were strolling the streets for about 5 hours, had lunch at a Mexican place on the 16th Street Mall and brought home some Cheesecake Factory goodies for later. Cheesecake for dinner!

Camera: FujiFilm XT3

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Dia de los Muertos - Longmont

Longmont has one of the largest Dia del los Muertos festivals in Colorado and we were there.  Our day started around noon and we just had to go to the Flavor of India for some amazing buffet.  I love that place!  Ok, I know it is weird to get Indian food when going to a Mexican festival, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

I have to say getting there early was a great idea and ensured that we got a parking space nearby.  The festival was held in old town and we got front row seats for the show.  We caught the Spanish dancers, Mariachi band and witnessed the Aztec ceremonial dance.  The Aztec ceremony kicked of the processional, which we skipped in favor of getting warm.  One area was set up as though it was a grave with Marigold petals representing a traditional graveyard. 
Longmont has a fair amount of street art sprinkled throughout the downtown area and we snapped away. We took a break at a local coffee shop to enjoy some tiramisu and pumpkin cheese cake washing it down with doub…

Paint Mines by Moonlight

Full moon this weekend and we drove two hours to Calhan, Colorado to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.  We were hoping that the moon would illuminate the rock formations. We were so right!

Sunset was around 7:30 PM and the moon rise started at around 8:00 PM.  We snapped a few golden hour and blue hour shots, nothing to write home about but when the moon rose the rocks glowed just as we anticipated.  We set up the tripods and started doing some long exposures.  I started out with the 16 mm 1.4 with an ISO range between 160 and 250 and played around with Bulb mode, varying the seconds.  My old Nikon D500 had shutter settings up to 30 seconds, the Fuji XT3 does not. I have the remote app on my phone for Fuji and it worked very well once I got the connection set up.  The XT3 has a seconds counter which was great when using Bulb mode and I could end the shot when I wanted.  Erich's Nikon Z6 didn't and he had to count off the seconds.  I found as it got darker 30 - 40 seconds wor…

Kansas and Oklahoma Road Trip

Labor Day weekend is a chance to travel farther than a six hour radius from home and see more of this great country.  We try to go to places where half of America is not visiting the same sites.  Therefore, Kansas and Oklahoma! The goal of this trip was to shoot Natural Falls in Siloam Springs, Oklahoma.  Never made it.  We spent a lot of time on Kansas. All the road tips to Indiana to see family, there is absolutely nothing to shoot in Kansas, well not off I-70 anyway.  It wasn't until we headed south to Wichita that we found some cool stuff.

First stop was Monument Rocks in Gove County. Kansas.  Rock formation in the middle of farm land. Erich flew the drone around and we snapped a few photos - great start to the trip!!

Camera: Fuji XT3

Wichita is really a nice city with a new-ish city center.  The Keeper of the Plains greets visitors on sacred Indian ground between the Little Arkansa and the Arkansa Rivers.  At night flames are lit surrounding the statue...we didn't make i…