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More Macro Photography - Black and White

Well, Colorado is officially locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I have been in the house since Monday...working from home now.   We moved the studio from the dining room to a spare bedroom, bought a couple more lights and set up a better and more stable back drop.  Now all the photography stuff is in one place instead of all over the house.  We still make a mess though.

Ok, I am kind of sick of shooting Dinos so I went back to flowers.  We did take a trip to the grocery store this morning but the flower selection was pretty dismal.  It is hard to take the same bouquet of flowers and make them look different so I opted for black and white processing.  Black and white is amazing, it bring out the textures and contrast.   I am a big fan of Noir style, I love the blown high lights, deep blacks and the gritty feel of the images.

So here it is, week one of isolation. What will we do next weekend?

Camera: Olympus OM-D E1 Mark III

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Habitat for the Mini Dinos

I did this for the Dinos, not because we are trapped in the house.  Covid19 is in Colorado but we are not on lock down, not yet anyway.  I planned on building the Dino habitat sooner but buying a new camera and going out to Denver last weekend just delayed things a bit.

I tried the in camera focus stacking...not so good.  I ended up getting a lot of ghosting.  Think I will stick with the Fuji XT3 for macro focus stacking and merge them Affinity Photo.  I really need to get out of the house and try some landscape focus stacking.  Just waiting for the weather.

I finally got a good shot of the Stegosaurus, he just came out all wonkey in the studio shots. I think he is happier in his new home.

Camera: Olympus OMD E1 Mark III

We got another bouquet of flowers too - these are handheld shot wither Olympus.  

Another Camera?

I am addict for sure.  I just got another camera...the Olympus OM-D E1 Mark III.  We went to the launch party at Mike's a couple weeks back and got to see it in all it's glory.   Ok, so I'm always looking for the perfect bag and apparently I am looking for the perfect travel camera too.  Erich got one too. We are headed to Israel in September and frankly I am tired of lugging gear.  I was looking for something that I can bring with ONE lens.  Fuji's travel lens, the 18-135 MM, is not quite wide enough for me, I usually bring the 10-24 MM too.  Olympus has a 12-100 MM - Yay!! I like having more range than Erich, he went with the faster 12-45 MM.  We can share, maybe.

I switched over to mirrorless to reduce the weight in my bag, that worked well when I had the FujiFilm XT20, it was really light.  Then I upgraded to the XT3...quite a bit heavier.  I think the Olympus is about the same weight as the TX3. Still not as heavy as the Nikon D500 (best camera ever!)  I picked u…

Indoor Flowers

We purchased a bouquet of flowers and set up in the kitchen to do some more focus bracketing.  I used the Fuji exclusivly today. I used then 10-24 mm, 16 mm and 55-100mm.  These are not the right lenses for this kind of photography. I shot around 700 frames and used natural light.  Time to start researching macro lenses!!

Camera: FujiFilm XT3

My Photo Ark - Macro Dinosaurs

We have been playing around with Macro Photography lately, plus it is too cold to go outside and shoot landscapes.  I am bummed, I really want to play around with the Lee filters we picked up a few months back. Oh well, the macro stuff and the focus stacking has been really fun!  For this photo day we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some little tiny Dinosaurs, frogs and turtles.  I also got a landscape have to build it.  I am looking forward to creating a landscape for my tiny Dinos!

Speaking of focus stacking, we went to Mike's Camera for the launch party for the new Olympus OM-D EM 1 Mark III. What a sweet camera!  Yes, I think I need one.  It has some really cool features like handheld focus stacking - what?  It also has live ND viewing and the composite mode is amazing!  I think this would be an awesome camera for traveling with a 12-100 MM lens.

I used two cameras today; the Lumix LX100 and the Fuji XT3.  I really need to nail down the focusing on the Lumix, my …