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FIrst Hike in 2021 - Barr Lake

Time to get outdoors no matter how cold it is! It was beautiful day at Barr Lake State Park in Brighton.  The sun was shining and no wind.   We arrived around 10:30 am and that is pretty late in the day to see bird activity, but is was like 17 degrees at 7:00 am.  Too cold for me.    The lake was frozen over and the brush was a bright red. We had one thing on our minds - Bald Eagles.  We saw some other fellow photographers with their big glass on the trail. They had similar luck, the Eagles were just not around. The Canadian Geese were out in considerable numbers though, and you could hear them barking as they took flight.   We hiked 5 miles, whew, I have been sedentary for some time now and boy did I feel it.  We spotted some eagles from the Gazebo, they were far away.  You can just barely see them and I was zoomed all the way out at 400mm.  We decided to go to the rookery to get closer to them but by the time we got over there they were gone. Not a total loss, we spotted some deer on
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Downtown Denver - Holiday Lights

We haven't been out much since the Salton Sea Road Trip. It is getting colder and Colorado is back on 'Safer at Home'.  So, we are doing our part.  A quick trip to Mike's Camera and we are now the proud parents of 2 7-14 MM F2.8 ultra wide lenses for the Olympus kits.  I know what I said, one lens to rule them all for the travel camera.  I have no control and neither does Erich.  For their inaugural expedition we took them out to downtown Denver to catch the Holiday lights and see how well the low light capability is. Pretty awesome I must say!   We headed out to Denver late in the afternoon and started at Larimer Square.  The roads were blocked off to traffic and I think they should make that permanent.  There was outdoor dining areas set up and pop up bars.  People were standing in line and not really social distancing, for the most part they were wearing masks though.  We walked down the 16th Street Mall and over to the Pavilion. No Parade of Lights this year, but we

My Little House Finches

We have a bird feeder on the back deck and get quite a few visitors.  Daily, as I eat breakfast and lunch, the House Finches are flittering between the tree, fence and bird feeder.  I think they are getting used to me and it really does seem like they are posing.  Shooting them lately has been a challenge as we get little sun in the backyard now that it is autumn. The Fuji XT3 with the 100-400 mm lives on the dining room table, ready to capture those little cuties!  Camera: FujiFilm XT3 - 100-400 mm

Salton Sea Road Trip - Back to Utah

Change of plans went we got to Kanab, Utah.  We intended on exploring Vermillion Cliffs off road trails, but consistent reports of deep sand on the trails we chose not to take the risk of getting stuck. We went to Bryce Canyon for the day.  Wow, there were a lot of people there and about 30% were were wearing masks.  This was the most populated place on our trip!    On our way to Moab we took an unplanned excursion to Capital Reef and had lunch in a lovely park. There was a lot of smoke haze from all the wild fires in Colorado.  Since we were trying to avoid people did not to go to Arches, we went to Goblin State Park instead.  We explored the park and checked out  a couple off-road trails in the area.  On the way back to Moab we found an alternate route on HWY 128 which went through an amazing canyon. The ride was so fantastic that we took it again to I-70 on the way home.

Salton Sea Road Trip - Joshua Tree National Park

 The Air BnB we stayed at was in the town of Joshua Tree.  We decided to have a leisurely morning and catch up on laundry before heading out to Joshua Tree National Park.  We ended up staying late for the moon rise.   I can see why so many photographers shoot here - the landscape and the light was fantastic!  Camera: FujiFilm XT3