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Israeli Cooking

Cooking day! It is always fun to do some international cooking all day.  Since going to Israel this year is out of the question we decided to do a little travel by way of our stomachs. A trip to the Middle Eastern Market in the Lowery neighborhood of Denver yielded some authentic ingredients.  Just walking into the store brought back many memories of living in Saudi Arabia when I was a kid. The market was packed with dates, honey, giant jars of olives, nuts,  juices,  and I even spotted the Bounty and Galaxy candy bars.  The butcher ground some fresh lamb for us, we found some dried chick peas, fava beans, pomegranate molasses and a ton of spices. 

Menu: Lamb KoftaFafalelLebneh with olive oil and fresh oreganoFried cauliflower and green onions with tahiniPita bread

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Barr Lake - Brighton, Colorado

100-400mm super telephoto for the Fuji XT3!!  Woohoo!  Took it out to Barr Lake in Brighton to catch some Pelicans.  Not too bad for the first day out.  This is my real first time shooting with such a long lens and shooting birds.  The birds in the Galapagos were easy, they were unafraid and came right up to you. Bird photography is very challenging for sure.  
Camera: Fuji XT3, 100-400mm F4.5-5.6

My First Lego Set

COVID19 is alive and well in the US, again.  It is the Fourth of July weekend and there is no way we are heading out to any fantastic location. With the resurgence of the pandemic, Erich and I are staying in.  That doesn't mean we can't shoot!  We picked up some LEGO sets with the intension of shooting macro.  It was really fun assembling too!  Safari for me and Star Wars for Erich.  I also found the National Geographic Photographer Barbie!  Where was she when I was growing up?  
Fun shoot! Kind of looks like some people we know...
Camera: Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark III - 60mm Macro

I picked up some micro African animals too...we were on Safari!

Black Canyon - Colorado Road Trip

In order to avoid people during this pandemic and get our photo geek we went on a mid-week road trip to the Gunnison area. I have been wanting to go out there for a while now but for some reason I thought it was far away, like Durango far. Gunnison is only 6 hours from Denver.  We took the non-interstate highways, which is always a nicer ride.  The last road trip, to Vernal, Utah, we stayed at a hotel with a kitchen so we could cook our meals.  Not a lot of options in Montrose or Gunnison.  We stayed at our first AirBnB.  With all the travel we do you would think we would have done this before.  We found a cabin on a horse farm just outside of Montrose.  So cool!! Erich bought an RTIC cooler...much bigger than the Yeti and cheaper! It was filled to the brim with breakfast, lunch and dinners.  No grocery shopping on this trip. The truck was full, we brought a ton of stuff.  Both coolers, all our camera gear, lawn chairs (which we used at the Crystal Mill), 5 gallons of water, luggage a…

New Camera Bag - Really?

I have a camera bag problem...I just can't find the right bag.  I did manage to get rid of 11 backpacks earlier this year - I kept five of them.  The last road trip to Dinosaur I packed two bags for the girls (Fuji and Oly), that was a good idea at the time but the back seat of the truck was full. Two Tripods, four camera bags (Erich had two as well), rain coats, 30 degree jackets, hats, gloves, face masks and more hats.  So, we drove out to the Boulder Mike's Camera and picked up the 13L Think Tank Unban Backpack.  It is a tight fit but I managed to squeeze all in all my gear.  It is a heavy bag!  Good thing I only plan on using it in the car!
Camera: iPhone