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RiNo Arts District - Denver

RiNo is a neighborhood in Denver and stands for River North. There is street art everywhere! We were watching the news and RiNo was mentioned so we packed up the gear and headed down to Walnut street in Denver.  They street art is concentrated in a few alleyways between Walnut and Brighton Road from 33 Ave - 27 Ave, that general vicinity anyway.  There was so much to see and amazing artists. The art is not limited to the alleys, it is on the sides of warehouses, buildings, breweries and even the electrical boxes.  Great day!!

What is CRUSH?

CRUSH is an annual celebration of art, transforming the streets and alleys of RiNo into permanent, open-air galleries. CRUSH celebrates art, urban beautification, creativity, and culture by enriching our community through an arts festival like no other. We believe that public art leads to an improved community as a catalyst for safety, cleanliness, creativity, and conversation. Centered around empowering artists, CRUSH is committed to reflecting and diversifying the urban landscape and the unique voice of a community, bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets.
CRUSH began its journey in RiNo 10 years ago and has certainly left its imprint on the community. RiNo (River North) Art District defines itself as a community "Where Art is Made” and CRUSH embodies this mantra celebrating the craft of graffiti and street artists who bring life to walls while maintaining the unique cultural identity in this rapidly evolving community.
Instead of using walls to divide, CRUSH uses walls to unite!

Camera: Fuji XT3


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A-Frame Lounge - Interstate 76 Frontage Road

We have passed by this abandoned lounge in I-76 in Henderson so many times.  Today was the day to make a special trip down the Frontage Road to shoot it. Clouds from the recent spring storms really made for some dramatic images.  I just love urban decay!!

Denver Botanic Garden - Winter

It is winter and Denver is beige.

In desperate need for some green we took a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Just about everything in the outdoor gardens is dead, naturally.  We went for the for the Orchid Show inside the green house where is was nice and warm.  The flowers are beautiful, kind of strange too.  Some of them look like spiders.  The mini rain forest was fantastic winter therapy too!

Did some shots with the a macro lens, still getting the hang of it.

Camera: Nikon D500
Lens: 18-300 mm; 60 mm Macro

Denver Art Museum - The Golden Triangle

Well, I bought yet another camera.  The FujiFilm XT3.  Nice camera, it is a an upgrade for me from the XT20, a bit larger and a little heavier and a lot faster.  I shot the Denver Aquarium last weekend with the XT20 and I noticed it was pretty slow writing files and super low light yielded expected amount of grain.  I love the Fuji systems!! The focus on XT3 is spot on and it did really well in low light.  I  am keeping the XT20 for hikes but, selling my Nikon gear. Ditching the DSLR, so sad, but it makes sense.  The technology in the mirrorless systems has really improved and after shooting with the XT20 for over a year now I am convinced that mirrorless is the way to go, especially for travel - that's what I do.  I took the XT20 to Greece and believe me not lugging around that gigantic Nikon around really saved my neck and back. The raw files on the XT3 are super fat, like 35MB - I still have 3TB on my Raid, so far so good.

The weather has been, well, blah in Colorado.  Two wee…