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Lee Filters - Boulder & Golden

Happy Christmas to me!  I not only picked up a Lumix LX100 but I got a new filter set up.  I purchased the SevenFive Lee Filter kit with a ND Grad and Little Blocker (5 stop).  I am a landscape photographer and should have them. That is what I keep telling myself.  Erich got some too, he got the 100 MM setup since he is using a full frame camera.  We are getting more into long exposures lately. We went to El Dorado State Park in Boulder.  It was cold!  We have some ProMaster gloves, really cool.  On the index finger and the thumb you can pull back the tip to expose your fingers to the freezing cold.  The gloves are not warm at all.  Lucky we didn't get frost bite.  What were we doing out there on such a cold day anyway?  Ok, it was warmer in the sun, we were in the shade most of the day.

Camera: FujiFilm XT3

Enough of freezing our asses off we went down to Golden to get some running river action.  It was warmer and we didn't want to lug the tripods so we played around with the ND Grads only.  Great light! 

ND Grad really helped with the mountains and sky in the background.


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Well, I bought yet another camera.  The FujiFilm XT3.  Nice camera, it is a an upgrade for me from the XT20, a bit larger and a little heavier and a lot faster.  I shot the Denver Aquarium last weekend with the XT20 and I noticed it was pretty slow writing files and super low light yielded expected amount of grain.  I love the Fuji systems!! The focus on XT3 is spot on and it did really well in low light.  I  am keeping the XT20 for hikes but, selling my Nikon gear. Ditching the DSLR, so sad, but it makes sense.  The technology in the mirrorless systems has really improved and after shooting with the XT20 for over a year now I am convinced that mirrorless is the way to go, especially for travel - that's what I do.  I took the XT20 to Greece and believe me not lugging around that gigantic Nikon around really saved my neck and back. The raw files on the XT3 are super fat, like 35MB - I still have 3TB on my Raid, so far so good.

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