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New Camera - Lumix LX100

I sold my FujiFilm XT20.  Just didn't need it since I upgraded to the most excellent XT3. Well, I have been looking at waterproof cameras, a higher quality one. The FujiFilm FinePix I took to Costa Rica was ok, not great.  I guess I am just used to a bigger sensor and shooting RAW.  I know, I am still shooting cropped sensor with the XT3 but it works for me.  At any rate, I got way off track and started looking at Lumix micro four thirds point and shoot LX100.  It has a fixed F1.7 24-75 mm and it shoots RAW! I was looking for low light capability too.  The Olympus Rugged water proof was in my sights for a good while until I found the Lumix. I bought the Lumix.  It is an older model but not a lot of upgrades on the recent model.  Plus it was way cheaper and B&H Photo had it on a significant sale. It does not have an articulating LCD but that is ok, I am good with that.  What I really liked was the micro four thirds censor and the 1.7 aperture.  I LOVE the Macro on it! SO fun.  Only draw back is the zoom button, it is in the same place as the Fuji XT3's power button. I keep trying to turn it off there.

We hit the the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Yeah, everything is dead outside but not in the rain forest.  I love that place - such good winter therapy. I am happy with the performance of the Lumix.  I am pretty sure it will be going to Jordan and Israel in September with the TX3.

Camera: Lumix LX100


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