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Hogwarts Lego Castle


We have discovered the world of Lego and are hooked!  Like I needed another addiction.  The Safari Jeep and the X-wing fighter started our journey and I have completed a city block since then. It has a pet store, coffee shop and a second story apartment with solar panels.  Erich and I decided to go all in and assemble the Hogwarts Castle.  6,000 pieces and 30 hours of construction over the course of three weekends.  Wow!  It was so much fun!  Great teamwork too. I foresee a Lego team building exercise for my team at work....when we go back to the office that is. 

Hogwarts has the Chamber of Secrets, the Room of Retirement, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Great Hall, Dumbledore's office, the Mirror of Erised, the Wizard Chess Board, and the room where the keys are flying around.  So much detail.  And yes, we watched all the movies again too! We were immersed in Harry Potter for three weekends. 

The Pirate Ship is in my future, but that is after I build the dinosaur fossils kit and pretend I am a paleontologist and museum curator. We have been eyeing the Taj Mahal too. 

For the photoshoot we went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some larger backdrops.  We have a poster-board of the sky with clouds but it wasn't quite big enough for the castle.  Stepping into the fabric store brought back memories of going with my mom.  Oh, how I hated going to the fabric store! Erich endured the same misery when he was growing up too.  The cloud backdrop is not quite what we were looking for so I added some fog in post processing.  

Camera: Olympus OM D EM1 Mark III / 12-100mm


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